Marisa Agrasut

What is your greatest personal extravagance? by Marisa Agrasut

I’d like to think I’m thrifty but it’s all relative. I used to be a rampant consumer – clothes, shoes, other random things, gifts, going out, partying every week. That’s where my extravagance and excess was focused!

In monetary terms nowadays, it’s probably investing in the highest quality – clean, nutritious, ethical, organic sustenance and supplements I can reasonably afford. For personal consumption and my rescue cats. I truly believe it is the foundation of overall, long-term health and wellbeing.

I also try to be extravagant with time – to take time to start the day but that’s a little more challenging!

About Marisa Agrasut

On a mission to create positive impact on the world, Marisa considers herself an accidental entrepreneur. She discovered this during the 2009 economic crisis and in 2010, embarked on her first - people, planet, profit venture; at the time challenging the negative perception of plant-based diets; enabling reduced-carbon and responsible consumption through a (then) pioneering circularity, systems-thinking, and purpose-led business. In 2015 with a more intentional move back to her innovation roots, relocating to Singapore, she found few-to-no organisations combining both sustainability and innovation. It was this that seeded her vision for The Inceptery. The Inceptery, is an innovation practice that focuses working at the edge of conventional boundaries and assumptions, challenging notions of success in our current paradigm, they help future oriented organisations to embed resilience through responsible and emergent shared value creation. Harbouring a lifetime fascination with the limitless power of intentionality and externalising creative processes collectively - meeting at the intersect of where we sense-make, gain insight, find needs, opportunities and originate ideas; she is determined to bring together new consciousness, solutions, businesses and technology to improve human-planetary conditions profitably.

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