Sasha Laghonh

What makes you most optimistic about the future of your industry?

More individuals and organizations are taking a genuine interest in enhancing their performance while focusing on their development. This goes beyond assessing the bottom line which translates to more revenue. People are learning through application how we take care of our selves will impact our learning ability, work performance, quality of life and ultimately relationships we nurture. Success is not reserved for the far and few, it’s available to everyone willing to work on themselves first. People serve as the nucleus of life, including organizations. Smart clients invest in themselves to yield higher productivity measures in various aspects of life.

About Sasha Laghonh

Sasha is the Founder of Sasha Talks, a platform that integrates self & professional development into nurturing meaningful outcomes. Sasha Talks also provides an entertainment and learning stage granting voices to many global talents. As a speaker, mentor and author, she partners alongside different clients, from individuals to organizations, to capitalize upon their talent. To learn more, please visit

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