What's more important- talent, effort or luck?

What’s more important: talent, effort or luck?

It’s competitive out there, so we always work hard to excel and surpass our competitors. We commonly think about what skills we need to maintain our success and limit our failures. Sometimes, though, when we succeed, we automatically credit it to a specific aspect of our endeavour: effort, luck or talent. However, do these three actually affect a person’s situation? Which of these should we put into consideration first, and which comes last? Let’s discuss how fate, action and skill impact our careers and the wonders they could bring. 

With career development and success, there’s no one-size-fits-all path. However, there could be an optimal process: effort first, followed by talent and luck.


When we speak of effort, we mean how much time and consideration a person spends on accomplishing their tasks. Although effort and talent always go hand-in-hand to deliver success, many employers consider that an individual’s actions play an essential role in building their career. Regardless of how skillful a person is, when they don’t know how to make that skill valuable and helpful, it can lead them nowhere. 

If they take accountability in performing their tasks dutifully and responsibly, it will open more significant opportunities. These opportunities can help them to grow and skill up. Furthermore, other people will enjoy working with those who put a lot of effort into what they do. They are showing the skills of a great and responsible leader. 


A person may be born or raised with talent, and it is not something they normally acquire. It’s what recruiters first see when you apply for a particular job. However, talent alone will lead you nowhere. You need to make your abilities valuable and relevant to your organisation. So, when you put talent and effort together, great things happen. Plus, by combining the skills of each team member, a team can be more efficient and a company can become a powerhouse. Don’t forget to find better opportunities to develop your craft, as honing your talent is vital to success. 


Luck is something that we often give credit to, especially when something unexplainable yet beneficial happens. However, it will make more sense when you don’t always trust luck because it might not come when you need it the most. While it will not harm you to believe that your success has something to do with luck, when you put so much faith in pure luck you may disregard effort and talent.

There is no perfect formula for success. But, giving your all when you’re given the responsibility to accomplish a task will not hurt. Furthermore, it would help you stand out when you know how to maximise your potential and take advantage of your talents. 

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