Shirley Ong

Where there is struggle there is opportunity. How has Covid impacted your industry? by Shirley Ong

It was indeed a struggle during the Covid as viewing of property was difficult and almost impossible especially during the complete lockdown for 2 months in year 2020. However, many of us pivoted fast enough by rushing to take video of properties before the lock down. Fast moving forward for almost 2 years now, clients are used to watch the video for their property search, although clients would want to see the actual property but they would certainly prefer to watch the property video to see if they would like to proceed to see actual property and feedback from many clients felt that this actually save their time in property search. Covid has certainly impacted the way we work but I think it is a positive and good impact.

About Shirley Ong

I have been in the Real Estate industry for over a decade and truly enjoys helping clients migrate to Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and Europe. Part of my portfolio includes bringing developers overseas to Hong Kong, Taiwan and China as well as bringing in huge sales for developers and the company. I am a Real Estate and Immigration specialist, who deals in high net worth individual and companies portfolio. I have strong connections in Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China. This is because I have immersed myself in these countries for more than 10 years. Being well versed in English, Mandarin and Bahasa Indonesia, I find my job much easier to converse with clients and colleagues. About 70% of my clients are from these countries. As a top NUS student with a promising management career, becoming a Real Estate Agent wasn’t easy decision for me; however today, I am glad that I made the decision. I am also very passionate about empowering people particularly two groups – the Young Entrepreneur and Women. Well equipped with counselling and psychology skills, i use it smartly to reach out more effectively. Other of my interests include reading books and travelling.

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