Why CEOs need to obsess over health

Why CEOs need to obsess over health

“Health is wealth.” While this proverb has its roots in ancient times, it’s likely that it will always be relevant even as our values evolve and technology progresses. However, many people find it challenging to slip healthy physical activities into their already hectic schedule. Others disregard working out altogether, not realising the importance of good health.

If you are a CEO, being healthy and keeping your people likewise should be the top of your priority list. 

There are numerous reasons why CEOs need to obsess over health. Deloitte notes that prioritising wellness facilitates a healthy organisational culture and trustworthy brand. If you study the stock market and investments, you may have noticed that their stocks go down whenever the CEO of a more prominent company gets sick. Of course, when someone is sick, people will immediately think that you cannot give 100% of yourself, regardless of whether you are present. 

Healthy = efficient.

When a person doesn’t get enough sleep, they tend to be less productive. When this situation occurs, the whole organisation will be affected. As the CEO, you need your mind to be present because the company needs your support. Enough sleep, taking vitamins and exercising will also improve your mood, leading you to a better perspective and judgement.

Being healthy encourages the organisation to be healthy, too.

When you show you are working hard to keep a fit and healthy lifestyle, you encourage the whole organisation to follow your pursuit. To further promote health and wellness to your employees, make health care and fitness services easily accessible for them because these are sometimes not feasible to obtain. 

Being healthy also represents your brand.

As the CEO, you should understand that being healthy is not just a physical thing. If you sport robust mental health, you are likely to radiate a positive mindset that will spread down the chain of command. And customers empathise with businesses promoting positivity.

Your health problem is not a private matter.

Since your body cannot entirely shield you from any sickness, you should not shy away from informing your colleagues and employees about your current health situation. However, don’t forget to assure them that you can handle the work and will still be there when needed. By doing this, you can have the support system you need, and they will be less critical of you. After all, we all get sick sometimes.

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