Why is diversity so good for business

Why is diversity so good for business

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) are not merely ethical imperatives in the business landscape; they are proven catalysts for success. Citing a comprehensive global study by the Boston Consulting Group, companies that prioritise diversity are reaping measurable benefits, including 19% higher innovation revenues and 9% higher EBIT margins.

Given these undeniable benefits, let’s delve deeper into the reasons why businesses should embrace diversity, using valuable insights from a YouGov Survey that explores American workers’ attitudes towards D&I.

What is diversity in the workplace?

Workplace diversity entails more than simply filling quotas. It encompasses the recruitment and retention of a workforce with varied attributes – be it race, gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation or even educational background. The goal is to create an inclusive environment that harnesses these diverse perspectives to enrich company culture and drive success.

The tangible benefits of diversity for businesses

Increased productivity and engagement

Companies committed to D&I initiatives experience more than a 35% spike in productivity. In a diverse environment, employees feel a stronger sense of belonging and mutual respect, fostering greater commitment and dedication to their roles and leading to increased productivity.

Enhanced innovation and creativity

The inclusion of varied perspectives fosters critical thinking and propels innovation, hence the 19% boost in innovation revenues. A diverse team can effectively challenge conventional methods, introducing fresh ideas and creative solutions that contribute to business growth.

Expanding market reach

The more diverse your team, the broader your customer base will be. A varied team brings unique insights into the needs, wants, and pain points of a diversified customer base, thereby giving you a competitive edge in market segmentation and customer engagement.

Elevated corporate reputation

Two-thirds of working Americans assert that D&I is a crucial factor when considering employment opportunities. Companies that value D&I not only attract a broad range of top talent but are also more likely to win customer trust, thus enhancing their market reputation.

Additional Perks of Embracing Diversity

  1. Improved problem-solving: Diversity allows for a multiplicity of viewpoints, facilitating more well-rounded problem-solving strategies.
  2. Increased revenue: A diverse team’s nuanced understanding of various markets can propel sales and widen profit margins.
  3. Reduced employee turnover: The YouGov survey indicates that 17% of respondents left their jobs due to insufficient D&I initiatives, suggesting that inclusive workplaces can cut down turnover costs significantly.
  4. Legal compliance: Actively seeking diversity also helps companies stay on the right side of employment laws, thus reducing the risk of discrimination lawsuits.

Employee-Recommended D&I Initiatives

To further enrich their work environment, American employees suggest that companies should:

  1. Foster regular employee feedback (43%).
  2. Implement diversity training for all managerial and senior positions (37%).
  3. Conduct sensitivity training for all employees (37%).
  4. Honour all or no religious and cultural holidays (26%)


The business benefits of diversity and inclusion are not only compelling but also quantifiable. Beyond the moral imperative – which shouldn’t be overlooked; the same YouGov survey highlights that only 39% of non-White groups say they’ve never experienced discrimination in an American workplace – diverse companies exhibit superior financial performance, innovation, employee satisfaction and customer loyalty. Therefore, for businesses aiming to maintain a competitive edge in an increasingly global market, investing in diversity and inclusion is not just a social responsibility – it’s a business necessity.

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