Why Julian Richer’s ‘5 magic steps’ will help your business thrive

Entrepreneurs can often find success by learning from successful people. Businessman, philanthropist and author Julian Richer is one such person. Founder of the British retailer Richer Sounds, he has not only cultivated an image of success for himself but has written plenty of books and material on the subject. 

One topic that commonly comes up in Julian’s publications is his “5 Magic Steps” method. In this method, he details five effective steps to motivate a workforce. While this has roots in his retail business, it is undoubtedly a technique that can easily work in any other entrepreneurial venture. We will look into how Julian’s 5 Magic Steps can help your business thrive even in the most trying times. 

It’s all about employee motivation

Julian Richer’s 5 Magic Steps focus mainly on motivating your workforce for a healthier and more productive company environment, emphasising five elements of staff motivation: happiness, recognition, communication, rewards and loyalty. These aim to keep your people loyal to your company, encouraging them to perform better in spite of challenges that your business may be currently facing.

How Can the 5 Magic Steps Help Your Business?

Outside In Management recently published an article that distils Julian’s philosophy and explains how it can benefit any organisation. Here are the key takeaways:

  • Treat your customers and employers right and get on your track to growth.
    This is the very core of the 5 Magic Steps philosophy. Great customer service builds a good reputation for your business while making sure that your workforce is happy is a sure way to keep them productive. After all, happy staff will be glad enough to give their all to the company that nurtures them. 
  • Keeping your connection with your staff at pace with your company’s growth.
    As a company grows, there is a tendency for it to introduce bureaucracies that may foster disconnect between the top decision-makers and their workforce. Entrepreneurs should bridge gaps as soon as they appear to maintain a healthy relationship with their employees. The goal is to maintain communication, which is essential in keeping a healthy relationship with your employees.
  • A shared goal eliminates workplace politics.
    Common goals foster teamwork, and teamwork builds trust between employees and their loyalty to your business. It also helps the entire company come up with effective solutions to pressing problems that get in the way of accomplishing its objectives, starving distractions that may come along the way.
  • Put your employees above profit.
    To ensure a healthy work environment, it makes sense to put your employees above the monetary aspects — or at least on the same level as making profit. Do not build your company into a profit-driven organisation that puts the concerns of your people below making money. It is a surefire way to create an unhappy workplace filled with unmotivated workers and negative politics. 

Happy People Makes a Happy Business

In summary, you will need to keep a healthy relationship with your workforce to foster productivity and loyalty. A healthy company-employee relationship will keep your people happy, and we know that staff who love their company can help their company grow. 

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