Why this newsreader can help your presentation skills

Why this newsreader can help your presentation skills

The hardest part about presenting something is getting listeners to understand your message. Unsurprisingly, this starts well before you begin preparing your topic – it takes a plan to communicate your points efficiently.

BBC journo Ros Atkins is certainly not new to creating effective presentations. The veteran newsreader has mastered the art of communicating and has shared his thoughts on the matter with Raju Narisetti in a recent McKinsey interview. Keep reading as we’ll look into his ideas, how you can put them into action, and why they can help improve your presentation skills.

Ros Atkins, master of presentation

Atkins certainly knows how to communicate. A journalist working for BBC and host of the BBC Explainer series Ros Atkins On, he understands the importance of getting a message across and how exactly one can accomplish this seemingly simple yet complex task.

Atkins reveals his secrets to successful presentations in his book The Art of Explanation: How to Communicate with Clarity and Confidence. He shared what’s essentially a preview of the book’s content in the interview, explaining how he creates presentations that deliver his message effectively. Here are the key points:

  1. Understanding of the topic precedes its explanation. Atkins stresses that, to communicate effectively, one must first thoroughly understand the topic before presenting it to an audience.
  2. Authenticity and preparation are important. The interview highlights the importance of preparing for everything, including unexpected turns during the presentation. Atkins also underscores the need to be authentic in communications, encouraging presenters to be true to their identity.
  3. Make your presentation worth remembering. It helps that speakers start with a compelling beginning to grab their audience’s attention and leave a lasting impression through carefully crafted, memorable endings.

How will his strategy help improve your presentation skills?

Atkins’ strategy is not just a product of the need to be heard – it is an art developed to leverage communication to get more benefits than simply getting your point across. Here’s why it can help improve your presentation skills and more:

  • The emphasis on preparation improves your confidence
    Preparation stemming from a full understanding of the topic and readiness to take on any question or situation can help you feel more confident when presenting anything. Confidence, in turn, lets you articulate your ideas better and gives you great control over your presentation.
  • It encourages authenticity
    Presenting as yourself rather than, say, as a brand makes you more relatable to your audience. When you resonate with your listeners, they are more willing to hear you out and take in information that might otherwise not interest them.
  • It ultimately teaches how to communicate effectively
    From exhaustive preparation to planning movements to minimise distractions, Atkins is set to help you present your ideas and deliver your message in the most effective and efficient manner.

It pays to learn from broadcasting experts

Without a doubt, Atkins is a gold mine of tips that will help you level up your presentation skills. The focus on fully comprehending your own message and speaking with raw authenticity pairs well with the best practices of communicating with your audience, regardless of your topic or the people you’re talking to.

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