Why your customers change like chameleons, and what to do about it.

Ready for a completely new perspective on consumer behaviour? Join us along with our esteemed guest, Michael Solomon, a leading marketing professor at St. Joseph’s University. Michael brings a fresh viewpoint, suggesting that consumers are akin to ‘chameleons’, switching identities multiple times throughout the day – a concept that drastically reshapes traditional marketing approaches. We dive into the shift from mass marketing to a more targeted, narrowcasting environment, revealing the implications this has on both corporate giants and small-scale entrepreneurs. Michael provides fascinating insights into how this transformation can be used to an entrepreneur’s advantage, highlighting the unexpected Achilles heel of big corporations.

The conversation doesn’t stop there. We’re also discussing customer engagement and the compelling power of storytelling in the business world. Michael emphasizes the need to move from marketing ‘to’ customers, towards a more collaborative approach of marketing ‘with’ customers. We’ll unpack the impact of the 80/20 rule in marketing – highlighting how a small but dedicated customer base can drive brand energy. If you’re eager to learn how to leverage this knowledge and develop customer-centric marketing strategies, this episode is for you. Together, we’ll delve into the exciting opportunities this shift presents for entrepreneurs and smaller brands, helping you keep pace with the rapid transformations in consumer identities and the marketing landscape.

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