Why your service business needs good Wi-Fi

Why your service business needs good Wi-Fi

You’re on a business trip. An important Zoom or Teams meeting beckons and you realise, too late, that the connection is intermittent. Quick thinking is needed, and you dash to the nearest cafe or dessert bar for free Wi-Fi.

It has become imperative and beneficial for brick and mortar businesses to offer customers a fast and reliable connection. That free Wi-Fi sign at the door is not just there to fill the space – it’s marketing.

Is this your business? Here’s why you should get that extra-fast broadband installed. 

Reason 1 – Customer acquisition

Wi-Fi is an essential factor for people when choosing a coffee shop or hotel. A survey conducted by YouGov shows that 79% of American hotel goers are more likely to choose a venue that offers free Wi-Fi over one that does not. After all, a complimentary internet connection is valuable for guests travelling for work or travelling while working. Using a portable Wi-Fi hotspot can be tricky for travellers, especially when signal strength is low.

Reason 2 – Customer satisfaction

A fast and stable Wi-Fi connection would contribute markedly to that five-star review on TripAdvisor, Yelp or Google Maps. Speedy internet is not only useful for browsing the web or hopping on a call; it ensures that all devices and transactions run smoothly in a place of business.

Reason 3 – Guest safety

The service and hospitality industry took a big hit during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. Because of it, businesses thought their way through the invisible enemy with the help of technology. Some hotels are now implementing a room keycard accessible through your phone. Voice commands are also available when customers do not feel comfortable speaking with hotel staff.

Ordering food is possible with no human contact through automation. Moreover, a fast-food chain is testing the use of robots to serve your food to your table. It lessens contact and ensures the safety of the customers. All of these are possible thanks to a reliable internet service.

To be connected through the internet is to be connected to your customers. Businesses in the service industry should provide reliable internet connectivity to minimise the chances of customer complaints.

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