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Our Top Picks: What Makes You Optimistic About the Future of Your Industry?

Each week we ask some leading questions to an entrepreneur or business owner.

Here’s some of our favourite replies to … What Makes You Optimistic About the Future of Your Industry?

“The cultural divide is widening. Personal emotional and intellectual conflicts around politics, money and wealth are intensifying. Sounds pretty pessimistic! However, where there is emotional intensity, there is an opportunity for people who want to live a joyful life in rapport with their values, beliefs and behaviors. The coaching and therapy industry can now provide a clear step-by-step path based on how our brain actually works. Using simulations, exercises, private coaching and group support, personal peace is possible. Our industry has moved from never-ending psychoanalysis to methods that invite new behaviors that serve us better”

Richard Friesen, founder and CEO of Mind Muscles Academy

“More individuals and organisations are taking a genuine interest in enhancing their performance while focusing on their development. This goes beyond assessing the bottom line which translates to more revenue. People are learning through application how we take care of ourselves will impact our learning ability, work performance, quality of life and ultimately relationships we nurture. Success is not reserved for the far and few, it’s available to everyone willing to work on themselves first. People serve as the nucleus of life, including organisations. Smart clients invest in themselves to yield higher productivity measures in various aspects of life.”

Sasha Laghonh, founder of Sasha Talks

“The core mission of my neuromarketing company, Happy Buying Brain, is to accelerate brand growth and sales for businesses by helping companies unveil the true motivations that influence the purchasing behaviors of their consumers. This is done by showing companies how to better understand the underlying mechanisms that makes their customer’s brains tick when it comes to buying so that they can establish their brand as the instant, top of mind choice, and best solution to buy from in solving the consumer’s problems. Neuromarketing is the next step that empowers companies to gain a deeper understanding to achieve this goal.”

Felix Cao, neuromarketing expert and founder of Happy Buying Brain

“I’m incredibly optimistic for the future of the HOCL (Hypochlorous Acid) industry because we are really still at the ground floor and things are just getting going.

Less than 1% of people have heard of HOCL so there is still so much education and awareness building to be done and I’m excited to see more people get turned on to HOCL and the many uses it has across a variety of industries.

I’ve met people from all walks of life: doctors, lawyers, scientists, entrepreneurs and more, who discovered HOCL and felt called to give up everything to help bring it to the world, and I want to be there to support those people and that is what The HOCL Association is all about.”

Pacifico Soldati, marketer, award-winning chef, certified yoga instructor, certified mediator, HOCL expert

“The sheer creative energy and speed of innovation in the events and media industry is nothing short of inspiring. It’s a delight to see partners, suppliers and associates adapting to the fast changing landscape. While we all look forward to the day we can have larger gatherings, we are also endeavouring to make the most of what we are given. I have seen this industry grow and evolve since the mid 2000s and am certain that there are exciting opportunities for all of us up ahead.”

Aden Liu, creative director of Maverique Media

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