Compilation piece 16- Leading Answers

Compilation piece 16: Leading Answers

Each week we ask some leading questions to an entrepreneur or business owner.

Here’s some of our favourite replies to … In business, when is it acceptable to lie?

“Pertaining to my industry of real estate, personally I think it is NOT acceptable to lie at any point of time as it involves a huge sum of money. It is not okay even to say a white lie. I practice my business with honesty which I think is the best policy and you will not have to worry for repercussions years later. Hence even if I don’t get the deal, I rather live with honesty which in the long run will benefit my clients , my associates and also in turn my business.”

Shirley Ong, Vice President of Mutual Benefits Realty PTE LTD

“I don’t believe I need 100 words to answer this question! The answer is NEVER! It is NEVER ACCEPTABLE to LIE! Now you also don’t need to tell everybody everything either. But Lying is never acceptable in my book!”

Daniel Schwartz, Chief Operating Officer of ElefWorld Inc.

“At times, you have to do the wrong thing in order to do the right thing, because the right thing FAR outweighs the wrong thing. Therefore, when you are in a business situation where the result will be for the good and well being of all, then, yes, it is acceptable to lie, and I would even add, you must, otherwise the consequences will hurt everyone and beyond.”

Sabrina Osso, Founder and CEO of OSSO SAFE

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