David Brooks

What are your clients really buying? by David Brooks

Short answer: peace of mind. Knowing that an organization has been proactive and taken the time to evaluate possible risks to its operation and prepared a plan to deal with those risks provides a level of comfort to everyone with any connection to the organization. Owners, management, employees, customers, suppliers, financial institutions all know that their investment is more secure with a Business Continuity plan in place.

About David Brooks

I moved from Toronto to the Niagara Region in Ontario in 2015 with my wife and 3 dogs. After commuting back and forth to Toronto for a few years I semi-retired. During the pandemic I saw how unprepared most people and organizations were to deal with lockdowns and mandates that affected us all. After reading that continued lockdowns would mean that 30% of businesses in Toronto would not be able to reopen I began learning about Business Continuity Management and have been certified as an ISO Auditor for the 22301 standard.

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