What do you wish your prospects would understand before they talk to you?

In Business if you can’t see a problem, you can’t solve it.

Many companies assume that because they have smart people working hard, they probably won’t benefit from having purpose built planning systems.

We commonly save our clients 450% of our total costs in the first year. We do this by allowing your teams to shift their focus away from managing tedious spreadsheets, raising their line of sight, and equipping them with problem detection systems. Our programs augment their decision making by highlighting the choices they have, and the impact on cost and service levels while they plan.

What impact could your team make if they could focus on problems before they arrived?

About Tim Gray

I work with business owners & senior managers to rapidly pinpoint complex supply chain process problems and solve them. I do this by quickly assessing the critical drivers in your supply chain and find and focus on the areas that will return the highest impact. I founded Prophit Systems because I deeply believe that if you give good people great tools and clear goals, they will give you outstanding results. We help our clients transform their supply chain management into a game changer.