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What misconception do people outside of your industry hold about it?

Many fear the huge cost to enhance their safety and security in their work places, buildings, warehouses and facilities. However, we found a solution to address this problem and that is making SaaS in Artificial Intelligence for CCTVs.

Our solution now allows anyone to integrate AI solution into existing CCTVs in less than 5 minutes! There will not be a need to upgrade their hardware provided it meets some of the minimum requirements – 720p IP enabled.

Clients can choose the services on our website and subscribe as a monthly or annual service that comes with a dashboard and flexibility of use.

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About Jeremy Lee

Country Manager to Qlue Enterprise Pte Ltd, a SaaS company that enhances security monitoring for Governments and Private Organizations at homes, offices, public and large facilities with Artificial Intelligence and Automated Workflow Management System. AI and tech solutions by day, whisky advocate by night. Jeremy is a whisky ambassador to the world's most sought after Single Malt Scotch where he conducts and helps people understand whisky flavour profiles and to find the right range that suits their palate. Owing himself to some time off from his busy schedule, he frequents golfing activities to take his mind of work and socialise with his close friends or perhaps even a short run out in the park. He can also be found frequenting whisky and cocktail bars just simply because of his love and passion to whiskies so never be afraid to approach him to ask about whiskies or even AI solutions.

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