Yamilette Cano

“What would constitute a perfect day for you?”

Every day can be a perfect day because it represents a new opportunity. Having a purpose and a clear intention of the overall Yamilette I want to be is more important than following a routine that I could call a “perfect day.”

Don’t get me wrong, routines and habits are crucial to attaining positive results. Still, following them and being motivated to spend the time and energy on the activities that will strengthen our objectives comes from knowing who do we want to be and what we want to showcase to the world.

Hence, having an intentional presence every day is the superpower that makes my days as perfect as they can be.

About Yamilette Cano

Yamilette is the founder of LOUDER Global, a penta-lingual entrepreneur with a background of 20 years in the entertainment industry and more than 10 years of global communication and speaking experience. Her passion for helping brands and individuals empower themselves and others has led her to achieve worldwide acclaim and impact.

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